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Behind the Inspiration: Sayulita

Bamboo Life Inspiration Mexico Sayulita Travel

Welcome to Sayulita: a unique blend of an untouched hidden tropical oasis and Mexican surf culture: where the golden glow of sunrise and perfect barrels of the ocean waters meet, lush foliage of the rainforest invites you in and the cobblestone streets and tiny beach bars play cumbia, a local treat of percussion heavy musica, Latin American style. Oh, and did we mention the annual festival of Film, Surf, Music and… wait for it…. Tequila? Needless to say, it's not surprising our creative juices started flowing while we were here, hence the birth of these cool-as-a-cucumber frames.
Introducing a sleepy fishing village, where travellers and locals alike enjoy the laid-back pace of life. Where you won’t find high rises or an oversupply of five star hotels. Where artesian crafts of the Huichol people (indigenous Mexican tribes) decorate bohemian boutique shops, giving you the impression that they care more for leisure than they do for wealth. Where hiking up Nanzal Hill will provide you the most breathtaking panoramic views off endless ocean, jagged rock ledges and dense forestry. Where you are encouraged wind up anything that removes you from being here, in the moment of now.
You wont be rushed, pushed or pressured to buy, do or say anything here - unless it’s a shot of tequila under your nose, of course.
While visiting, be sure to appreciate the freshest-of-the-fresh fish tacos, ideally whilst you’re overlooking that crisp rolling shoreline. Take a moment to absorb the vibrant colours of hanging pompoms dangling from the beachside kiosks, understanding that this symbolises the abundant spirit of the land and it’s people. And finally, do no leave without taking a day trip to the Marietta Islands, because legend is true – there is indeed a volcano, with a hole, with a beach in that hole, and in that volcano-hole-beach, you can surf. And that is one uber cool story to take home.

See, this place inspired our Sayulita sunglasses because between beach naps, after a few rounds of margaritas, we at Bamboo Life got an urge of creativity. We looked around and thought – this place is too good to leave without a lasting monument. And although we wanted to take home a years supply of those delectable fish tacos, they wouldn’t have kept so well. Hence, the creation of these cool, nonchalant frames with diverse lens colours, reminding us of those magical sunsets. So in wearing them, you aren’t just part of Bamboo, you’re part of our experience, and our ode to the wonderful Sayulita.
And this, our friends, has been our experience - and why we are motivated to create Sayulita collection. We sincerely hope that by sharing this, we have inspired you to take similar action, and that you will join us on this journey - to create a world that is thoughtful towards all creatures, great, and small. 
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