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Behind the Inspiration: Tulum

Bamboo Life Inspiration Mexico Travel



Tulum is the ultimate juxtaposition of eco friendly and luxe bohemian with a touch of hippie. Adored by locals and travellers alike for it’s rustic ambience, unruly natives and endless jaw dropping crystal blue waters, Tulum offers this alongside boutique emporiums and lavish luxuries, in a completely cohesive way, to the delight of all visitors.
The endearing charm of Tulum is that it doesn’t actually try: whether it is the ancient ruins of yesteryear, the uniqueness of each captivating cenote you explore or the overabundant fauna on your daily activities, Tulum will draw you in, naturally.
The natural biosphere is equally breathtaking from the deck of a luxury liner as it is from the sand in front of a dingy hut, void from anything remotely high end. Both parties can also enjoy indulging in tantalising cuisine, exquisite cocktails and / or the relaxed, chilled vibes of beachside evenings, doing not much at all.
So if you’ve heard it is a majestic place, understand it’s not just this – it’s much more. Corporates and creatives find unity here in that they all accepted fully, no explanation required. People are too relaxed to really care. All that matters is that you come, enjoy and embrace – for that’s what Tulum is meant for. 
And this, our friends, has been our experience - and why we are motivated to create Tulum collection. We sincerely hope that by sharing this, we have inspired you to take similar action, and that you will join us on this journey - to create a world that is thoughtful towards all creatures, great, and small. 
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