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Finding your sunglass shape: our go-to guide

Diamond Oblong Oval Square

Online shopping is fast, convenient and can be done from the comfort of your bed, favourite shadow spot to hide or on the bus (because you’re being eco-friendly). Whether you’re buying for yourself or your favourite person, here’s our recommendations to ensure you love the glasses you choose equally, if not more, on your face than you do on your browser.

You are… Oval
Ah, lucky you. Can wear anything and it suits you to a tee. Take your pick - options: you can try the timeless shape of Stone, embodied with a unique round granite frame, to make a lasting impression. Or perhaps you want to be a little creative in the shape, so go for the Todos Santos, which have a statement metallic rim for that uber cool factor. Given how easily you flow from one scenario to another, these frames are the perfect accompaniment to your summer road trip, complete with those instagram snapshots for all your friends back home to see. 
You are… Oblong
 In the mirror, does your eye go down your face, rather than across? Your beautiful long cheek and nose lines will create that – and if so, we have a great pair for you. A reinvention of the classic aviator shape, the Careyes style will help balance out your proportions. With punchy lenses including a vibrant green and luxe silver, either will suit your style, whichever way you swing. Not your vibe? Rosarito is another suitable option, with their handcrafted eco frames making each frame as unique as you. This vintage style is suited to a long, 6 hour lunch or lazy days by the pools, the lenses reflecting what an epic lifestyle you share with your nearest and dearest.
You are… Square
With a defined jawline, you’re wanting to soften your edges and lengthen your face. Fortunately, Pascuales are ideal: a trendy, circular shape inspired by the ultimate surfing destination in Mexico. Alternatively, Holbox will also be perfect for you. Take these with you when you taking a stroll along the beach - their effortless cool will resonate with all enjoying that chilled, seaside ambience. 
You are.. Diamond
If you have the rarest face shape, you are in for a treat. With your striking cheekbones and narrow jawline, you’re suited to our ever so stylish Palmares and Zihua. Similar at first but actually quite different, have a look through the lens colours (did you see the oceanic blue of the Zihua?!), and design elements – ebony and maple wood – and see what resonates more significantly with you. Pack them with you when you head to that once-in-a-lifetime trip to a luxury resort or day spa. They will fit right in, and so will you.
So there you have it. Our guide to see you looking your best – delightful! Also note that as well as suiting your face, our styles suit the environment: removing plastic from the production means that we are reducing fossil fuels, minimising climate change, quashing landfill additions and of course, preserving the beautiful marine habitats of our sea-creatures.

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