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Ho Ho Ho! How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Christmas

Bamboo Life Mission Environmental Care

Silly season is on our doorstep which means we will be consuming more, eating more, drinking more and probably thinking less. Make sure you still maintain some sense of logic in your eco-friendly actions – here’s our top 3 tips to help you remain loyal to the environment this Christmas.
1. Reduce overall plastic use.
Given that it doesn’t go away (ever), the biggest priority to reduce landfill contribution is to lower the demand – personally, through your every day actions. You’re going to be buying more at Christmas, both for gifts and home, so be aware of what the products are designed from and only proceed if they are eco conscientious, like our bamboo sunglasses and stylish watches - classic, timeless and definitely environmentally friendly. And while you’re at it, of course - say no at the checkout to plastic bags.
2. Throw a charitable Christmas party.
Everyone wants to feel like they are generous, and in the spirit of giving, we are confident that your nearest and dearest will have a few spare coins for the donation tin. Even better, speak to your boss, friendship group or partner about having a raffle at your special event, with the proceeds going towards your favourite environmentally friendly charity. Our favourites are Clean Ocean Foundation and Marine Conservation Society (that's why we give a portion of our proceeds to them!).
3. Encourage others to give to your eco-charities instead of buying you senseless gifts.
Another pair of bonds socks? Great. Add it to your stack. Or, maybe suggest to Aunty Joan that the Clean Ocean Foundation could use the $$ to help protect sea turtles who become entangled in plastic debris, heal marine birds who have ingested plastic and the associated toxins or invest in research into how to reduce habitat destruction from climate change. Much more rewarding – and useful. 
See, it’s not actually as hard as you think. You know the dangers of negligence to the environment, be in the crisis in our waterways, the havoc on our delicate biosphere caused by fossil fuels or the thousands of marine life dying each year due to plastic contamination. So rather than just think about it, take action and put your money where your mouth is - it will keep our animals safe, and our beautiful beaches clean.
Make your decision wisely - this Christmas.

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