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How to.. be a sustainable citizen

Bamboo Life Mission

Being sustainable is more than the latest trend. It’s more than having a reusable coffee cup, or taking shorter showers. It’s more than opting for meatless Monday on the odd occasion. All these elements are good yes, however, if you genuinely have a desire to be proactive in the face of environmental havoc, here’s the key choices you can – and should - make.
  1. Wear sustainable fashion. Bamboo, is biodegradable, fast growing, is produced without pesticides and fertilizers, needs only rain water to grow and is hypoallergenic. We have a great range of sunnies, optics and even watches that are suitable for guys and girls, young and old. What’s better is that they are delivered to your door, and your purchase can be paid off in instalments over multiple fortnights thanks to our friends at AfterPay. Other sustainable choices? Organic cotton which is innately free from harmful pesticides; organic wool, produced using sustainable farming practices; and hemp, a plant which is efficient in growth, tolerates pests and enriches the soil it grows within – how’s that for giving back!


  1. Go vegetarian (or vegan). Livestock production is one of the three biggest causes of climate changing emissions and one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation. From many angles here, it is clear that meat production is an atrocity for our planet: from deforestation so the animals have space to roam, livestock’s overwhelming need for water; the fertiliser used on crops to feed the animals to their fullest size, greenhouse gases produced from the animal itself both when alive and during the slaughter process, and finally, the emissions released during post mortem transportation. And this, unfortunately, is just a snapshot of the ecological footprint that our carnivorous friends are electing to lay on our crumbling planet. Meatless Monday is a start, Meatless Month is getting better; however, joining the Meatless Movement (aka going vego ongoing) is your best bet. For epic advice and even better recipes, we strongly recommend Rich Roll's book 'The PlantPower Way'

  1. Picking up 3 pieces of plastic each time you leave where ever you are visiting - the beach, shopping mall or the street your closest milkbar is on. This initiative started in 2009 with the purpose of reducing the plastic litter entering our marine waterways, aiming to reduce the catastrophe caused to our precious marine life: as it stands in 2017, around 1 million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles die each YEAR when they ingest or become trapped in plastic. Picking up 3 bits of rubbish might not mean much to you, but it could mean the life to a fish or bird – literally.

4. Recycle. We'd like to think it's commonplace and commonsense, however, for the purpose of this article, let's suggest it's not and this is friendly reminder that it's fundamental to our efforts that we ALL undertake recycling on a daily basis, that's in the home, office and whereever else you might find yourself.

Simple actions, big results – and this is only scraping the surface. Sustainability needs to be a priority if you want to see the planet remain as pristine as it can, for you and future generations – simple as that. Have more ideas? We’d love to hear them. Leave them in the comments below or on our insta page about how we can bandage together and save the planet from the depths of it’s despair.
Together we can do this – are you with us? Shop now.

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