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How to.. do Mexico like a local.


Considering jetting off to this wonderlust worthy location in the near or distant future? Before you go, read our go-to guide for a much more rewarding, fulfilling and relaxing experience. Enjoy our friends, enjoy…
Step one: slow down. In Australia we have an incessant need to be manic in everything we do – work hard, party hard, train hard. It’s a proud moment when we say we are ‘too busy to relax’ and fight tooth and nail for that precious limelight. When in Mexico, take a big, deep breath and cool your beans. Realise it’s rather wonderful to chill out on a day to day basis, and running around trying to do this-that-and-the-other is just not necessary. Take the opportunity to lay down and do nothing – and when you do, feel no shame at all. After all, it’s a cultural experience.
Step two: support the locals. See, after slowing down, you’ll begin to notice the eclectic and surreal creations of the people around you. From the brightly coloured textiles at the flea markets in Bacalar, through to the vibrant musical sounds echoing from the string guitar quartets in the piazzas of Holbox; take a moment to appreciate the creative flair, energy and love that goes into their unique works of art. Show them appreciation by buying a momento to take home, which allows them to continue cultivating their passions, and you to be a part of the beautiful process.
Step three (and always): be environmentally conscientious. See, Mexico wouldn’t be as breathtaking if the streets were covered with rubbish, if the white sands were littered with plastic bottles or if the fish no longer existed due to marine pollution wiping them out. Know that the pristine conditions are maintained through genuine effort of each and every individual who visits. Each time you leave your shack, aim to collect 3 pieces of rubbish from the ground and encourage others to do the same. And of course, make sure your clothing choices, are equally as eco-friendly – shop with us and we can assure you of that.
So there you have it, our guide to Mexico. Before you go, make sure you shop with us – those beautiful sunsets are just made for gazing at, we know very well from experience.

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