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Will You Make 2017 The Most Eco Friendly Year Yet?

Environmental Care

Did you reach your goals for reducing waste and pollution in 2016? Did you inspire others to be more proactive about their product choices, favouring those that sustain the environment? And of course, did you reduce the need for plastic in your household?
We are hopeful that you can say yes to all of the above, and also trust that regardless of the answers above, you are ready to go in 2017 with an eco friendly bang, starting right now. 
Prepare properly
Make decorations from newspapers (did someone say paper mache covered in different paints?! How fun!) which minimises the need to buy plastic baubles and decor. When you’re purchasing gifts, source them from eco friendly brands such as our own, and ensure that the production manufacturing process has not contributed to fossil fuel production: basically, avoid plastic, and opt for natural materials like wood, hemp, bamboo and organic cotton.
Take a visit to the beach… with a garbage bag in hand!
Show your family and friends how much you care about our wonderful planet by taking the time out of your break to clean up a local park or beach near you. Play games with the little ones about how many pieces of rubbish they can pick up, and take before and after photos to highlight the difference you can make in only a few hours.
Host a green Christmas
Invite guests to celebrate the end of 2016 with you in true eco-friendly style: deliver the invites via Facebook or email and outline the rules such as no plastic presents and all food to be carried in reusable containers. Play a game where you write down ideas for your guests to be environmentally friendly in the new year, and have each of them draw one. Better still – each month, check in on each other to see how you are all going throughout the year, supporting, motivating and maintaining momentum.
Being environmentally savvy is a choice; just like it’s a choice to have a almond milk latte or not at your local café. Make a decision that in 2017; you will be kind, loving and thoughtful towards the environment – and watch others be inspired by your actions. Of course, if you haven’t already, make sure that your sunglasses and watch purchases support your environmental values - simply by shopping with us today.

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