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Behind The Inspiration: Holbox

Bamboo Life Inspiration Holbox Mexico Travel


Remove yourself from the world you know and escape into paradise. Embrace crystal blue waters, endless sunsets over white sandy beaches and life in it’s simplest form. When you do, you’ll find yourself immersed within the tropical bliss that is Holbox, Mexico.
Walk along the dusty dirt roads and smile at the locals – with on average 2,000 people inhabiting this tiny town, after a few days you’ll know their names as well as they know yours.
Take a moment to appreciate the vibrant colours of the wooden houses, complete with bamboo roofs, each delicately made with love by the residents themselves.
And of course, dip your toes into the pristine turquoise ocean and lose track of time – on purpose. See, Holbox itself doesn’t care for possessions or material wealth. Rather, they find richness in the moment of now, and cultivate a sense of appreciation for each and every day as it happens.
We don’t need to chase: everything we could ever want is here in front of us, and it’s up to us as a human collective to acknowledge this. And when this happens, we begin to change: we lose focus on caring about things and start being more thoughtful towards other beings – including those who don’t have a voice, like our beautiful marine world and exotic wildlife creatures.
And this, our friends, has been our experience - and why we are motivated to create Holbox. 
We sincerely hope that by sharing this, we have inspired you to take similar action, and that you will join us on this journey - to create a world that is thoughtful towards all creatures, great and small.
Author: Olivia Arezzolo
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