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Sunglasses: factors (eco-friendly or not) you should consider when buying.

Bamboo Life Mission Environmental Care

The weather is getting warmer and tinsel is starting to appear faster than you can say, “I thought it was only the beginning of November”, meaning one thing: summer is coming. Given this, you’re probably fishing out last years sunnies; and the following scenarios are likely: you can’t find them; they are scratched or bent; or the style isn’t quite right anymore. So on the hunt for new shades; what questions should you be asking?
What materials are used in the design?
Bamboo, for example, grows rapidly, is renewable, requires no irrigation, and grows without pesticides or chemical fertilisers.  Plastic, on the other hand; requires the use of non-renewable fossil fuels - creating carbon emissions, accelerates global warming and destroys habitats for our beautiful animals. Oh, and it doesn’t decompose.
How long are they going to last?
Notorious for going walkabouts; glasses have a reputation of disappearing like your work colleagues at a bar when the bill arrives. If this resonates with you; understand that if you do lose plastic glasses, although they may not be in your possession, they will be around, somewhere, forever. Maybe in landfill, or crushed into tiny pieces in our waterways harming our marine life. And for the careful type, if you don’t lose them, their flimsiness means that in due time, they will scratch and require replacement, leading to the above situation despite your best efforts. Glasses made from sustainable elements like stone, zebra-wood, ebony wood, and our favourite Bamboo; are strong and less likely to need renewal. Better still, if your favourite pair becomes detached from you, your conscience is clear that they will go safely into the environment, without doing extensive damage to animals, plants and future generations.

Where is my money going?
Is the company going to use the revenue from my purchase to fund their next boating-champagne-showers-escapade in the middle the Caribbean? Or is the business, as we do, going to stand by our eco-friendly values and give a portion of sales to foundations like Clean Ocean Foundation and Australian Marine Conservation Society?
    Before you swipe that CC be sure to ponder the above. Regardless of economical cost to your own hip pocket, know that your actions here will have a ripple effect upon the environment, and you will either preserve or pollute the planet – no two ways about it. Make your decision wisely - today.

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