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The Environment - What's Really Going on.

Bamboo Life Mission Environmental Care

Let's have an honest conversation. Not marred by media bias, but one that is full of plain, untainted info that you simply cannot ignore. One that spells it out, in black and white, what’s really going on with our planet.
You: How bad is the environment doing?
The media chooses what to publish and pay attention to – remember that. For example, we love that following the Trump administration; several of the pages on the US EPA site have been removed, notably the Clean Power Plan, which outlined limits for CO2 production in power plants. Funny that. 
The Ocean.
Published recently in top environmental research journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, reports show that microplastic debris, the stuff that is filling our oceans, is set to increase TWENTY FOLD by 2025. This is a combo of the existing plastic breaking down further, plus new bits entering. 
Global Warming.
The planet has risen 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit since late 19th century, with 2016 being the warmest on record. It’s continuing on this vein. This spells disaster for us all – animals and humans alike. Farmers, especially those living close to the equator, will battle in the face of chronic droughts. Tropical regions will endure through more powerful cyclones and hurricanes, just like the recent Cyclone Debbie in Queensland. The mountains too are melting, causing landslides, which wipes out communities, habitats for our creatures and erodes at opportunities for tourism. And finally, the rise of water levels will cause the disappearance of low lying islands in the Caribbean, Maldives and Pacific. 
What to do?
Shop conscientiously - use your purchasing power to support the preference for sustainable materials – our glasses for example are crafted from biodegradable materials, so they will not endanger our beautiful planet.
Make sure that you do this for yourself, and also when you buy gifts for others..
Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

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