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What's killing bees, why it matters, and what can we do in Australia.

Bee Kind 

At Bamboo Life Australia we believe that by living a conscious lifestyle you will create an abundant life full of meaning. We want to raise awareness about conservation and why Bees are the most invaluable species.
Who would want a world without honey, flowers, and third of everything we eat including chocolate and coffee? Not us!
What's killing bees, why it matters, and what can we do in Australia.
Common sense and implementing these actions can restore and protect the Bees.
Here is where we can all align.
  1. Ban the seven most dangerous pesticides.
  2. Protect pollinator health by preserving wild habitat and planting wildflowers.

Let us educate people and follow the inspiration of the nation of Bhutan, as they have led the world in adopting a 100 percent organic farming policy!
When you align yourself with Nature, Love and Health everything about your life transforms and your goals manifest with ease and grace.
The partnership between flowering plants and pollinating insects, especially bees, is one of the most widespread and significant symbiotic interactions on Earth. When it comes to the survival of the planet, we cannot afford to be ignorant or apathetic. This is an Endeavor that will require the participation of the world’s 7.1 billion inhabitants.
So, what are we going to do? What are we going to do about this big bee bummer that we've created? It turns out, it's hopeful… Every one of you out there can help bees in two very direct and easy ways. Bee aware!!! Plant bee-friendly flowers, and don't contaminate these flowers, this bee food, with pesticides. So, go online and search for flowers that are native to your area and plant them. Plant them in a pot on your doorstep. Plant them in your front yard, in your lawns, in your boulevards. Campaign to have them planted in public gardens, community spaces, meadows. Set aside farmland.
Save The Bees Australia is focused on saving as many bees as possible. A Beekeeper located in Melbourne, Victoria is passionate about Saving the Bees. Currently pest control companies are contacting Simon, the founder of Save The Bees Australia and asking him to safely remove swarms, which Simon does gladly and for free.
“If we are to continue rescuing bee colonies then we are going to have to raise considerable funds to re-home them so that they may continue pollinating all the healthy foods that we and other animals, love to eat.” Save the bees Australia has also teamed up with the sunshine group recycling plant. Together they are setting up inspection hives as close as possible to Melbourne’s port, as it is the most likely area varroa mite will infiltrate. Australia is one of the last country’s clear of the varroa mite. The sunshine group and Save the bees Australia are doing everything they can to help keep it this way.
Support local Beekeepers, don’t buy imported honey, always check the label.
Save The Bees Australia aligns with Bamboo Life. Bees are so essential to the continuing health of our beautiful planet and are irreplaceable contributors to the life cycle of flowering plants…. Bee kind always. The impact Bees have on the environment is SO powerful! By educating others about Bees, we will allow the world to evolve to a better future that will ultimately save the planet. We really do need to live in a sustainable balance with the Earth and have utmost respect for all living creatures.
At Bamboo Life we are deeply inspired by nature and have created sustainable, biodegradable eyewear that is handcrafted.


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