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Why You Should Always Say No to Plastic

Ban The Bag Environmental Care

New Years Resolutions have long departed and moving into March often leaves us a little un-inspired and veering off track from our ambitious life changing 2017 plans. If this is resonating with you, fear not – we’ve got you covered. In case you needed a reminder, here’s a few solid reasons why you should always say no to plastic – all year round.
  1. Because the planet is really, really beautiful, and if we want it to stay this way, we have to protect it.
 Have you stepped outside your door and looked at the ocean recently? Have you explored the crystal blue waters of La Paz, scuba dived amongst Whale Sharks in Holbox or soaked up the sun on the uber cool beaches of Tulum? If you have, take a moment to reminisce on how breathtakingly stunning the scenery is. Understand that if we, as a society, fail to preserve these pristine places against environmental havoc, they will no longer be. Imagine next time you want to go snorkelling but all you can see if strewn bits of plastic and a noticeable lack of sealife because unfortunately, they’ve died as a result of toxicity from excessive plastic contamination in their habitat? Yep. That’s the reality we are facing.
  1. Because there are better alternatives
Our Pascuales looking rather excellent on this lovely lady...
Thanks to eco-friendly companies like us, opting for non-plastic materials is as chic as ever, even when it comes to sunnies (and optics, watches and accessories!). We understand that you don’t want to compromise style, and that having attire that represents you as a person is important. This is why we’ve created styles like Pascuales for the rather outrageous personalities of us, right through to frames like Todos Santos, which are understated and ooze a sense of quiet confidence.
  1. Because it’s just as easy, if not easier, to shop eco-friendly (with us, at least).

    Have you heard of our nifty partnership with AfterPay? Don’t wait until payday – you can shop with us in instalments; and deliver right to your door. Making it easier for you than ever to join our club of eco-warriors with a sense of style, we want to see our community expand – and have YOU in it. Make sure when you've got your snazzy sunnies or wonderful watch on, that you share the love on social too - tag us on instagram by using the hashtag #bamboolifeau.

    That's it for the month of March from us, until next time, be friendly.. Eco friendly. 
    Shop now.

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