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Why You Should Eat Less Meat

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Why You Should Eat Less Meat
You’ve probably heard that vegetarianism improves the sustainability of the environment, helps you lose weight and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and premature death (yep, all three). After a recent catch up with the great Rich Roll ( ultra-endurance athlete), we were inspired to spread plant power enthusiasm throughout our community – doing it not only helps save this beautiful planet, but will also save your life too. Win win.
1. How Eating Less Meat… Reduces Climate Change 
Wow.. where to start. First there’s the massive impact that animal agriculture has upon the planet: 18% of ALL greenhouse gas emissions are a result of this procedure. If the world was to adopt a vegetarian diet, our food related emissions would be reduced by 63%; and if we went even further and went full plant-based, aka vegan, it would be reduced by 70%. Given the horrendous impact of greenhouse gases in their contribution to climate change; such as melting of polar caps, submersion of a few of the Solomon islands and the increase of natural disasters like cyclones, drought and hurricanes; we’d be wise to do whatever we can to reduce further increases in our planets core temperature. Solution? Go plant based.
2. How Eating Less Meat.. Slows Deforestation
Clearing land for livestock rearing has been responsible for.. wait for it… 91% (!!!!!) of Amazon destruction. Ninety One. The Amazon is home to hundreds of animals who now face extinction as they have lost their habitat. Further, the forest plays a crucial role in removing carbon dioxide before it leads to the chaos mentioned in point one. When we eat less meat, we don’t need to clear so much land as the demand for livestock is reduced. When this happens, our rainforests remain in tact. Not just good for the environment, but good for you, plus the animals too.
3. How Eating Less Meat.. Improves Your Health
The biggest killers in our modern society – heart disease, stroke and obesity, plus their preceding conditions such as being overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure – have a significant inverse relationship with eating meat. It’s as simple as this: less meat, less of these conditions. More meat, more of these conditions. We know you like to think you’re invincible, but unfortunately, so do the people who battle these lifestyle diseases. Make sure you’re not another statistic by taking action before it becomes an irreversible problem – and eating plants is a sure fire way to go about it.
One, two, three – do you really need more support to eat less meat and more plants? If you do, head over to Rich’s website and read more about it. You might find yourself never eating another hamburger again – and what a wonderful impact that would have upon the planet. 
Finally, with all that extra change you save by eating plants (yes, it’s cheaper too) you can put it towards other things that help the environment; like opting for eco-friendly frames, optics and watches. 

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