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Your Guide for an Eco Friendly New Years Celebration

Environmental Care New Years Celebration

If the Christmas celebration wasn´t enough and you’re starting to look forward to the big che-bang of December 31st, circa 12am. While you do, spare a thought for the beautiful planet we reside in, understanding that this big night (and day, for some), can be one of the most havoc inducing times for the environment. Your job? Prevent it from happening, both now and well into the New Year. Here’s how. 

  1. Plastics at the party. Favoured by the lazier type usually, single use cups, cutlery and plates are spread across picnic rugs, under fireworks and basically anywhere where alcohol is involved. Understand that if purchased, the plastics will never die – long after the party has ended. Be classy people, we know that glass and ceramics are preferred, look much nicer and suggest that you have a sense of respect for the environment – all ticks in our books.
  2. For those day parties, you might be tempted to purchase cheap sunnies in case they fall off you’re head when you’re popping champagne / overlooking the harbour from a boat / splashing in the water down at Bondi or Portsea. One word: don’t. Similarly to above, once they are purchased those nasty glasses stay around forever. Plus, we know that our glasses look better (even if we do say so ourselves), and most importantly, they reflect the genuine care you have for the ecosystem. With timeless styles like Square, vintage cool Rosarito and the modern chic frames of Careyes; we’ve got options for you whatever your sunnies personality is. Think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself; one that also helps protect the mother earth – now that’s generous!
  3. Finally, have a think about some of the destinations you’re wanting to visit in 2017: the beautiful beaches up around Noosa, our breathtaking national parks, and of course; places a little more distant, like the vibrant and idyllic spaces of Mexico, including wonderlust worthy spots like Tulum and Holbox. In your daydreaming, take note of how pristine the environment is.. and be reminded that the cleanliness isn’t magic – it happens by everyday action of people like you and I. Our blogs are full of helpful tips on how – so it’s your role to help us follow through on these plans.

See, the environment doesn’t need to suffer at NY parties, nor into the new year. But this will only happen if you and I – the individuals that make up the larger part of our planet – step up and protect the environment. The conscientious movement towards greater eco-friendly practices is happening all around us.. question is, are you with us?

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