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About us

Taking conscious action towards a sustainable future – for us all, not merely humans – is what we stand for here at Bamboo Life. Instead of contributing to the 250,000 tonnes of plastic that enter our oceans in Australia alone, we have chosen to craft our designs from materials such as bamboo that act to preserve, rather than pollute, our environment. This allows us as individuals and a company to create the change in the world we want to see: and love sharing this journey with each and every one of you.

Finally, inspired by the work of dedicated organisations such as Clean Ocean Foundation and Marine Conservation Organisation, we contribute our time and resources to their activities – and couldn’t be more humbled to do so. We are acutely aware of the consequences of our inaction: are you?

To a healthier future for ourselves, our ecosystem and every creature within it; we say thank you.



Anja Taylor catches up with the CSIRO research team conducting a world first study of the plastics around coastline.  

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