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Article: Forget Hypnosis for Better Sex - Try Bamboo!

Forget hypnosis for better sex - try bamboo!

Forget Hypnosis for Better Sex - Try Bamboo!

Feeling a little burnt-out in the bedroom? Have you been researching ways to spice things up? Maybe you're considering options like hypnosis for better sex?

Maybe though, the answer could be as simple as changing your bedroom vibes! Read on to learn six ways bamboo can help you relax, recharge and get back down to business.

  1. Bamboo Sheets are Comfy -

Feeling stressed, anxious and just plain uncomfortable is always going to be a passion killer. There’s nothing worse than being all up in your head and unable to focus on the good stuff right in front of you! Sometimes, racing thoughts can drive us to distraction - we might consider relaxing therapies involving meditation, yoga or even hypnosis for better sex. But did you know that making simple changes like switching your old, tired cotton bedding for comfy sheets can make a huge difference? 100% Organic Bamboo bed sheets feel amazing against your skin and won’t cause distracting irritation like cotton does - even on the most sensitive skin types.

  1. Bamboo Sheets will help you Relax -

There’s something intensely calming about sinking into a bed made with bamboo sheets, or better yet - sinking into them with your lover! The sensual, silky feel of good quality 100% organic bamboo sheets against your skin can help you stay grounded and enjoy the moment.

  1. Bamboo Sheets feel Sensual -

One of the easiest ways to impress a bedmate is to spread a nice, buttery-soft set of bamboo bed sheets on your mattress. They look and feel great, plus the fact they’re eco and vegan friendly will keep everyone happy. Make sure they’re the best quality you can find (not all bamboo sheets are created equal) and you’ll guarantee many repeat visits to your boudoir.

  1. Bamboo Sheets come in Natural Colours -

Forget bright reds and harsh black shades for sensuality; the key to getting in the mood is relaxation and the most relaxing colours are usually found in nature. Bamboo sheets in shades of blue, soft-pink, grey and beige will impart an earthy sensuality into any bedroom setting.

  1. Bamboo Sheets are Breathable -

It’s fun to get a little hot and sweaty between the sheets, but it’s not so sexy afterwards to lie back onto cotton or poly-blend sheets that are damp and cold. AND It’s even worse trying to sleep on them after! Bamboo sheets help with this immensely as bamboo textiles will actually wick moisture away from our skin to keep us comfortable – all night long.

  1. Bamboo Sheets Control Body Odour

Lets face it, nobody likes body odour on their sheets. You might even find yourself thinking its easier NOT to do the Wild Thang - because there’s nothing that’ll kill the mood faster than thinking about laundry! With bamboo bed sheets, the antibacterial properties in the fabric will kill the odour causing nasties that threaten to ruin your night (or day).

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