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Welcome to Bamboo Life Australia!

With the environment as our first priority, we aim to create a movement towards sustainable products and practices which benefits not only us, but also generations to come. Making conscious decisions to use materials with longevity and minimal ecological impact, we are proud to be a leader of eco-friendly eyewear.

Why Bamboo?

As the fastest growing plant on earth, not requiring pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser to thrive and ability to absorb greenhouse gases, Bamboo is an outstanding renewable resource.

Why Wood?

Producing fewer CO2 emissions than other materials and using minimal production energy, wood is an excellent choice of renewable resources. Sustainably grown trees can be replanted and grown to full maturity, which preserves the environment.

Why Stone?

Adding strength, style and robustness to our designs, this eco-friendly material enhances the durability of our pieces which reduces your need for repurchasing, and the creation of waste. It requires no maintenance and is abundant in nature’s biosphere.

Todos Santos

A thin metallic rim to reinvent this classic, timeless style Crafted from ebony and Maplewood, avoiding the pollution, landfill and marine havoc caused by using plastic alternatives Inspired by one of the most quirky, spiritual and new age hubs in Mexico Shipping, Returns and Warranty Policies Finding your sunglass shape:...

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