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Article: Is Bamboo Good for Skin?

Is Bamboo Good for Skin? Lisa Forrest tells us how bamboo has changed her life

Is Bamboo Good for Skin?

We recently chatted with one of our VIP customers, Lisa Forrest about how bamboo has changed her life. We asked her:

"Is bamboo good for skin?"

And here's what she told us!

is bamboo good for skin? Lisa Forrest tells us how bamboo has changed her life

I have three Blankoonas and they are addictive! I LOVE THEM! So light, yet warm and comforting. I also love the convenience of not having to put doona covers on and just being able to chuck it straight into the wash, it dries quick too!

The first time I tried bamboo was either the end of 2017 or early 2018.

I remember it was summer and I was walking past Bamboo Beach Shack and I felt a top on the rack out the front, I fell in love with bamboo that day.

At first it was just a few pieces of clothing here and there - I'd never worn clothes so soft and breathable, that made me feel so free and content.

My skin can't handle synthetics and I have really sensitive skin, so I used to feel itchy and rashy in other clothes. I used to wake up constantly at night due to feelings of frustration as my skin prickled, itched and burned.

Now, I've changed all of my wardrobe and all of my linen to bamboo products, even all of my underwear!

It has helped me a lot with symptoms of insomnia, skin and sensory issues, fibromyalgia and Lupus. I had problems in summer with sweating and itching but not anymore!

I have three Blankoonas now and sets of bamboo sheets and pillows because I just can't go without them - even one night while they're in the wash. My bed now feels like heaven and I get a great night's sleep. Ahhh, nothing like a calm Nervous system!

It has also been my pleasure to support a local family-owned business. They are always so friendly and happy to chat and really get to know you.

I love bamboo so much! It has been life-changing for me.

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